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🎉 [Y4E-SEA Recruitment Batch Results] 🎉

Welcome Onboard!

After thorough review and consideration, we’re delighted to welcome a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who will be joining us on our mission to drive sustainable energy solutions across Southeast Asia! Please warmly welcome them:

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Internal Affairs 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

🇮🇩 Rudi Chandra Adinugraha - Internal Affairs Officer

🇮🇩  Meilyn Misya - Internal Affairs Officer

🇮🇩 Cavin Dennis Tito Siregar - Internal Affairs Officer

🔎 Research Team 🔍

🇮🇩 Ardhi Arsala Rahmani - Research Officer

🇮🇩 Rafi Aqila Hidayat - Research Officer

🇵🇭 Jason Occidental - Research Officer

🤝 Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship 🤝

🇮🇩 Dilla Andieni Nurshadrina - Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship Officer

🇵🇭 Timothy Joseph Gonzaga Henares - Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship Officer

Congratulations to each of you! 🎊 Your commitment to making a positive impact in the energy sector is truly inspiring, and we’re honored to have you on board.

🌍 As part of the Y4E-SEA community, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers, engage in meaningful projects, and contribute to the advancement of clean and renewable energy in Southeast Asia. Together, we’ll work towards a brighter, more sustainable future for our region and beyond. Get ready to dive into exciting initiatives, connect with industry experts, and unleash your potential as leaders in the energy transition! 🚀

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