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[Y4E-SEA at COP28] Y4E-SEA Joins UN Energy Compact and Launches "EnergizeSEA" at COP28! 🌍⚡

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking milestone as Y4E-SEA, in collaboration with the United Nations, has officially joined the UN Energy Compact under the CSO & Youth Category! 🤝 Our commitment to accelerating progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) and spearheading the energy transition in Southeast Asia has never been stronger.

🚀 EnergizeSEA: Action Plan for SDG7 in Southeast Asia was unveiled on December 8 at the SDG7 Global South Pavilion during COP28 in Dubai, UAE. This dynamic initiative aims to empower the region's youth, raise awareness about energy and green jobs, and actively influence policy and decision-making processes.

Ms Bernadette Anne Buensuceso - External Affairs Director of Y4E-SEA, presenting the launch of EnergizeSEA at SDG7 Global South Pavilion in COP28 (Dubai, UAE).

🔑 Key Commitments of EnergizeSEA:

1️⃣ Youth Empowerment and Participation: Y4E-SEA pledges to boost youth participation tenfold by 2030, engaging over 3,000 youths across Southeast Asia. We are committed to funding at least one project in each ASEAN state and securing more than 10 impactful interventions.

2️⃣ Project Execution and Capacity Building: Y4E-SEA is dedicated to executing over 7,000 projects, with a focus on at least 50 sustainable initiatives. We aim to foster mentorship through 2,000 pairings and provide capacity-building opportunities for 10,000 youths by 2030, nurturing the next generation of leaders.

3️⃣ Strategic Partnerships: Y4E-SEA is set to establish 120+ partnerships, collaborating with at least 20 corporations and 50 NGOs. By 2025, we aim to forge long-term cooperation agreements in each ASEAN Member State, creating a powerful network for sustainable energy initiatives.

Youth for Energy Southeast Asia profile on UN Energy Compact's webpage

Further details about the EnergizeSEA could be found on UN Energy Compact’s webpage here

🌿 Join us in our mission to drive positive change! Together, we can shape a more sustainable and resilient future for Southeast Asia. 🌏✨

Stay tuned for updates and exciting developments as we embark on this transformative journey with EnergizeSEA. Let's #EnergizeSEA and make a lasting impact on SDG7! 🌟💚🔗 #Y4ESEA #UNEnergyCompact #SDG7 #Sustainability #COP28 #EnergizeSEA2023

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