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Hi there all potential candidates of Y4E-SEA!

Recently, we have received a lot of questions surrounding our recruitment of External Affair Director (EAD) and Internal Affairs Director (IAD), here are the most FAQs, and we would like to give you the answers right now!

Question 1 (real question): Is there any opportunities for students in officer positions or internship?

Our answer is yes! Students are encouraged to apply for our opening directors positions (External & Internal Affairs Director). You will be evaluated based on interest, motivation, and prior experiences during the recruitment process. Later on, we will open new vacancies for officers, so stay tuned!

Question 2: I do not have much experience in project management or leadership, am I still eligible for the position?

No worries at all! You are still encouraged to go for director positions in Y4E-SEA! Previous experience in project management or leadership can be an advantage, but it doesn’t mean only the most experienced ones can apply! Besides, we also evaluate other equally important aspects, such as your interest, motivation, resilience and proactiveness when volunteering in a youth-led energy organisation. Being a leader may sound like a challenging role, but we guarantee it will be a rewarding experience 👍😃

Question 3: What is the duration of the position? Is there any chance of extension?

The director positions will last for 12 months, starting from May 2023 to April 2024. And yes, it is possible to extend your position! At the end of your appointment, you will have a call with our

founders to discuss your future plan and next step in Y4E-SEA!

Question 4: Is this a full-time position? How many working hours do I have to commit?

Understanding your enthusiasm to join a youth-led organisation while still fulfilling other commitments, such as work or study, the vacancies for EAD and IAD are voluntary. The future directors are expected to contribute 10 hours per month to handle tasks, manage their direct team and coordinate with founders and directors in Y4E-SEA.

Question 5: Is there any certificate of recognition after I work in these positions?

The answer is YES! We will provide you with a certificate of recognition upon completion of your appointment. This could be a strong proof of your contribution to Y4E-SEA, which could benefit your study and future career in the energy sector! 💗

The deadline of submission is approaching in less than 36 hours! Check out the detailed Job Descriptions here: and reach us ASAP if you have any questions!


YOUTH FOR ENERGY SOUTHEAST ASIA (Y4E-SEA) – Lead the youth energy transition movement 🌱🌏

Instagram: @youthenergysea

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