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Y4E-SEA Speaks at ObninskNEW 2024

Amira and Jitsai were invited to speak at the OBNINSK NEW: 2nd International Youth Nuclear Forum 2024 and were admitted as participants in the 1st Obninsk Tech Female Summer School. Both events commemorate the 70th jubilee of the city of Obninsk (home to the world's first nuclear power plant) in Russia and serve as a side event of Russia's BRICS Presidency 2024. The events were supported by ROSATOM, the Russian Federation National Nuclear Corporation.

2nd International Youth Nuclear Forum 2024 - June 26, 2024

AMIRA: “Dreamers and Doers: Young People's Pledge for a Better Future”

Amira discussed how young people can achieve their dreams and why choosing energy as a career path is beneficial. She emphasized overcoming life hurdles, such as financial and family support challenges, by dreaming high and pushing boundaries. Amira shared her journey from a telecommunications vocational school to a male-dominated energy sector, highlighting the importance of persistence and turning gender bias into motivation for higher education and career success.

JITSAI: “Inspowered by Atoms: Our Dream for the Next 70 Years”

Jitsai highlighted the importance of diversity in opinions, backgrounds, and professions within the nuclear sector to change perceptions about nuclear technology. She stressed the responsibility of conference participants to ensure sustainable energy for all, aligning with a just energy transition. Jitsai emphasized the need for informed and upskilled youth to meet future nuclear power job demands and welcomed training and education opportunities by Rosatom for the ASEAN region.

Obninsk Female Tech Summer School 2024 - June 30, 2024

Amira discussed the formation of Y4E-SEA by co-founders from different nationalities and handling downtime in volunteer work. She emphasized communication as key to overcoming challenges and expressed gratitude to Jitsai for being a supportive and understanding partner. Amira encouraged sharing concerns with others, as it fosters resonance and mutual support.

Y4E-SEA Engagement at ObninskNEW 2024

June 24, 2024: Visit to the World's First Nuclear Power Plant in Obninsk, Russia

Amira and Jitsai visited Atomic Power Station 1 Obninsk, the world's first grid-connected nuclear power plant, commissioned in June 1954. The plant ceased electricity production in 2002 and now functions as a research and isotope production facility. The plant, camouflaged inside a three-story building, provided a unique historical insight.

June 25, 2024: Workshop for IAEA Youth Engagement: Nuclear Outreach

Amira and Jitsai facilitated a session aimed at brainstorming and pitching ideas for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)'s youth engagement in promoting nuclear energy. Amira presented her group's findings on Collaborative Partnerships to Mr. Mikhail Chudakov, Deputy Director General of the IAEA, and Mr. Wei Huang, Director of the Division of Planning, Information, and Knowledge Management of the IAEA. The presentation emphasized engaging youth networks, particularly in regions like Southeast Asia, to promote accessible nuclear education.

June 26, 2024: ROSATOM Obninsk Tech Megacouncil

Amira and Jitsai joined the Obninsk Tech Megacouncil, an advisory body to ROSATOM's Director General, Mr. Alexey Likhachev, to discuss global youth engagement in nuclear technology. Jitsai proposed establishing a strategic communications working group on social media to attract young people and alter negative perceptions of nuclear technology. Amira highlighted the need for enhanced nuclear education in Southeast Asia, urging for on-site visits to Russia's nuclear power plants to support awareness campaigns and demonstrate how advanced nuclear technologies can address regional power issues.

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