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🌏✨ Y4E-SEA at Student Energy Summit 2023 ✨🌏

🌍🌟 We're thrilled to share the incredible journey of Youth for Energy Southeast Asia (Y4E-SEA) at the Student Energy Summit 2023, held from November 29 to December 1 as a sideline event of COP28 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, under the theme "Reimagining the Future." 🚀🌿

🤝 Connections Beyond Borders:

Over 650 passionate young minds from 150+ countries converged at SES 2023 to empower the future of climate action. Y4E-SEA played a pivotal role in fostering connections between peer youth and industry leaders. Together, we're building a global network for positive change! 🌐💡

🌱 Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders:

SES 2023 provided a platform for capacity building, skills development, and the essential resources needed to drive climate action. As a youth organisation in Southeast Asia in sustainable energy transition, Y4E-SEA is committed to strengthening collaboration with other like-minded organisation in the region an around the worlds, empowering youth in the region with awareness to the alarming energy issues, and providing opportunities and capacity building for the energy enthusiasts who want to be the game changer of the energy sector. 🌍💪

🔍 Breakout Session Spotlight:

The special highlight was on the first day of SES2023, from 4:15pm to 5:00pm. Y4E-SEA proudly hosted a roundtable dialogue on"Energy Transition in Developing Economies: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia Pacific region, where our Co-founder Ms Amira Bilqis provided scene setting ideas on four emerging topics namely:

  • Southeast Asia's Transition Agenda and Collaborative Endeavours in the Asia-Pacific Region

  • Development and Challenges of Wind Energy in Asia

  • Navigating Challenges in Asia's Emerging Energy Startup

  • How Youth Shaped the Energy Landscape in the Asia-Pacific Region

Followed by commentary made by experts :

  • Dr Zulfikar Yurnaidi - Manager of Modeling and Policy Planning Department, ASEAN Centre for Energy 

  • Mr Weng Han Tan - Policy and Project Manager of Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

  • Mr Stanley Ng - Program Director of Southeast Asia from New Energy Nexus

  • Mr Fogamomi Nicc Moeono , Samoan Representatives from the Youth Regional Forum on SDG7 at the 3rd Asian-Pacific Energy Forum (APEF3)

Several learning points from the participants after hearing the experts are: 

  • Energy transition requires transition fuels and acknowledging it cannot be done overnight, gas will have a significant role to play in the energy transition plans of many countries in Asia Pacific.

  • Off-shore Wind Energy is new to most of the region, except for Australia. Technology transfer and knowledge sharing can be enhanced to help countries consider offshore wind into the their generation mix. Green financing is a big factor for the deployment of new energy generation technologies.

  • Energy startups faced with difficulty to stay in market thus continous support is needed beyond awarding prize money

  • The importance of respect for our community, our environment, and for future generations inheriting this earth. Climate and Energy policies that are people-centered are policies that will have long term benefit for everyone

🌟 Gratitude and Looking Forward:

The three-day journey at SES2023 has been wonderful for Y4E-SEA. Our small team had prepared a lot for the big day and we met a lot of energy leaders who are actively engaged in the field, as well as had wonderful conversations with many youths who share the same passion in being a part of the energy solution. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated, engaged, and contributed to the success of Y4E-SEA at SES 2023. Let's carry the momentum forward as we continue reimagining a sustainable and inclusive future together! 

Stay tuned for more updates on our events and activities! 🌏💚

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