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🤝Y4E-SEA at ASEAN Centre for Energy Office!

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Last Wednesday on 21 June 2023, we were pleased to arrive at ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) - an intergovernmental organisation representing the interest of 10 ASEAN Member States in energy sector. We received warm welcomes from Dr Andy Tirta - Manager of Corporate Affaits Department and had great time with him to discuss about Y4E-SEA’s mission, upcoming activities, and cooperation plan with ACE.

Established in January 1999, ACE aims to accelerate integration of energy strategies within ASEAN which is harmonious with regional economic growth and environment. To achieve that mission, ACE is aspired to become the catalyst to unify and strengthen ASEAN Energy Cooperation, the knowledge hub to provide a knowledge repository for ASEAN Member States (AMS), and the think thank to assist AMS on research and identifying practical & specific solution on policies, legal & regulatory frameworks, technologies, and innovative solutions.

Dr. Tirta was impressed with Y4E-SEA initiative and agreed that what Y4E-SEA aims to do closely aligns with ACE. He also expressed the willingness to involve Y4E-SEA in ACE’s youth-focused activity, and paved the way for a more strategic partnership with Y4E-SEA

It has been a great honour for us! We are all looking forward to future collaborative activities with ACE!

A whole bunch of Y4E-SEA activities are coming real soon! Please stay tuned our young energy heroes! 💪

YOUTH FOR ENERGY SOUTHEAST ASIA (Y4E-SEA) – Lead the youth energy transition movement 🌱🌏

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