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📢[Y4E-SEA x AYO Recent] Survey Launching: Assessing ASEAN’s readiness for Clean Energy Transition

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

After the launching of the collaborative project “Assessing ASEAN’s readiness for Clean Energy Transition” with AYO Research Centre (AYO Recent), we are now looking for your kind support to conduct the comprehensive research study to access the perception of the ASEAN youth on clean energy transition.

If you:

✅are an ASEAN National and 18 - 35 years of age,

🌱works and studies on energy and environment-related field,

☀️have interest about clean energy and other related United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS),

💪have passion toward environmental protection, climate change and would like to make a positive impact

The survey takes approximately 2 minutes to complete, feel free to let us know your thoughts before 5th November 2023 in the following link:

Your response is highly valuable to us to identify the gap in knowledge and policies across the ASEAN regions. Please share this survey to your peers, colleagues and community by reposting to MAKE OUR YOUTH VOICE HEARD!

Further details about the project could be found here:

Check out this website to learn about AYO Recent:


YOUTH FOR ENERGY SOUTHEAST ASIA (Y4E-SEA) – Lead the youth energy transition movement 🌱🌏

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